Emergency Relief Aids

The victims of Local war in Kachin state, Myanmar are urgently lacking your prayer and your financial aids for the following emergency relief aids; Read more

Greeting from your co-worker in Christ!

We sent our request documents for the forgotten children and for the needy people in Burma.

PO BOX 1137, Yangon

Regional Evangelism & Mission Training/Seminar

Regionally Evangelism and Mission Training/Seminar

We met each other on 8 January 2018 and we trained to our church planters about Regionally Evangelism and Mission Training/Seminar on 8 January 2018. Our church planters have participated actively at the REMT/S . We hope that it will be beneficial for every one of our church planters in their new churches planting fields.

Thank you for your prayer and contributions.

The Place/City the training was provided

We celebrated the Regionally Evangelism and Mission Training/Seminar under the roof of Children’s dormitory Building of MURCM in No.103 Airforce street,Tatgyigone ,Hmawbi ,Yangon Myanmar. The numbers of Church Planters 15 were participated in the training.

If someone who is touched by God to help for our Regionally Evangelism & Mission Training/Seminar, we welcome to him. Please don’t hesitate to contact us this email: