Emergency Relief Aids

The victims of Local war in Kachin state, Myanmar are urgently lacking your prayer and your financial aids for the following emergency relief aids; Read more

Greeting from your co-worker in Christ!

We sent our request documents for the forgotten children and for the needy people in Burma.

PO BOX 1137, Yangon

Emergency Relief Aids

I got information from our Co-worker Rev.Phaw Hla Tuu Pastor of Kachin Baptist Church in Nam Tu ,Northern State and he said there are so many children in the local civil wars’ affected areas at Man ton town,Nam Tu,Nanphat Ka and Kut Khai in Northern Shan state.

The victims of Local war in Kachin state, Myanmar are urgently lacking your prayer and your financial aids for the following emergency relief aids;
No Item Price
1 Cost of sponsoring 1 child (primary school) US$26.80 each
2 Cost of Solar Light One set( To Study their school lessons for the children) US$ 100 each
3 Cost of sponsoring 1 child (middle/high school) US$37.00 each
4 Food for a Family of 4 for 7 Months US$700 each
5 Family Kit (cooking utensils, clothing, toiletries, etc.) for Family of 4 US$86 each
6 Livelihood (Farmers) US$1050 each
7 Livelihood (Fisherman) US$350 each
8 Livelihood (Small Businesses) US$150 each
9 Rebuilding Houses (Materials) US$300 each
10 Rebuilding 440 Churches in the Communities US$13,400 each

I can’t sleep every night for the forgotten children because the affected places are my birth place. Our hearts are broken for the broken people. Our missionary who come and informed us again to help his native Kachin people and his congregation are lacking the following necessary thing for their professional life currently;*

If you permit us to help the people, we will bring as the following volunteers;

01.Rev.Cing Sian Pau(Leader)
02. Saw Le Lee
03. Pum Hen Thang
04. Ngin Suan Mung (former Coordinator CRCP)
05. Rev.Soe Myint Oo
06. S/m Win Win Khaing(Gospel Singer )
07. Thuam Lian Khai
08. Miss Cing Zam Kim
09. Dr.Hau Ngaih Lian(MBBS,Yangon)
10. Dr.Sian Sung(MBBS,Mandalay)

Report for Project Accomplishment: The MURCM will make timely reports about the steps of work accomplishment. Whenever each village relief work becomes successful, a timely report be sent to the project partners. An account for expenditures of each village and also an account for the total expenditure will be sent to project partners as soon as possible, after completion of the relief works.

If God's will , we are praying to visit and help for the relief works of war victims in Kachin state also after we finish for the relief works of victims of conflict between rakhaing and bangali in rakhaing state. We will sent necessary expenditures and report documents regularly.

Please don't hesitate to contact us. We are urgently lacking to foster the kids in the affected civil wars’ areas because the non-Christian monasteries those who have collected the Christian kids in the affected places. Thank you.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours in His vineyard
Rev.Cin Sian Pau